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Texas Hold'em Strategy
Tips From Tunica
"When he check-raised, he failed to ask himself a critical question: What hand can I call with that he could beat?"
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Playing a Big Draw in Limit Hold'em
"Playing big draws aggressively against multiple opponents can create very profitable situations."
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What's Your Starting Hand Really Worth?
"There is no universal definition of what "better" means when comparing hold 'em starting hands."
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Big Slick: A Slippery Hand
"Many people fall in love with A-K pre-flop in No-Limit Hold'em because they know that they can rarely be much worse than 50-50 to win the hand if they get all of their money in heads up."
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Strategies for Short-Handed Limit Hold'em
"I know that some days, even if I play perfectly, I'm going to lose."
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Strategies for Short-Handed Limit Hold'em
"The position raise puts me in control of the hand and, even if I'm holding total trash, the pressure puts the blinds in a spot where they need to catch a piece of the flop."
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Taking on a Short-Handed No-Limit Game
"Three- or four-handed games are usually very aggressive, and I will never limp in."
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Texture Isn't Just For Fabric
"If my hand is unlikely to improve, I tend to bet more than 2/3 of the pot. I want to take this pot now."
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No-limit by the Numbers
"In poker, it's the long run that matters, so he should only call if his probability of winning is greater than 40%."
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Sizing Up Your Opening Bet
"Poker is like real estate. The three most important factors in deciding how much to raise are: Location, location, location."
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Not Playing By The Book
"Poker is not a game that is best played by the numbers. Poker is a game of situations."
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Don't Play a Big Pot Unless You Have a Big Hand
"All of a sudden, I don't like my hand -- so much."
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