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Specialize At Your Peril
"Playing the other games will develop skills that will simply make you a better poker player."
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Common Mistakes
"I will very rarely bluff against a "calling station"."
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Don't Play a Big Pot Unless You Have a Big Hand
"All of a sudden, I don't like my hand -- so much."
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Ask And Ye Shall Receive Part II
"Wouldn't Casey have been more than happy to raise with his A-A, knowing the older gentleman would reraise him?"
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Ask And Ye Shall Receive Part 1
"I want him to view me as a young hot-shot, with the hopes that he'll bully me later when I have the goods."
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Should I Stay Or Should I Go
"Usually a losing player is scared to get involved with a winning player, so it's easier for you to pick up pots."
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Keep Your Toolbox Well Stocked
"One essential element of playing winning poker is forcing your opponents to make difficult decisions."
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Why I Leave My Sunglasses And iPod At Home
"I am confident that the information I take in with my eyes far exceeds what I give away."
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In Omaha Pot Limit...
"What many beginning pot limit Omaha players do not understand is that Omaha is really a game of redraws."
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The Script
"After a careful analysis, if I'm not sure if I should raise and I'm not sure I should fold, I feel confident that calling a bet (or checking) is correct."
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A Way To Approximate The Odds
"Knowing the approximate likelihood of making your hand is a good beginning step on the road to better poker."
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Sit N Goes Made Easy
"The Sit N Go is the flight simulator of Final Table play, and mastering it should be considered mandatory homework for the serious student."
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