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Taking on a Short-Handed No-Limit Game
"Three- or four-handed games are usually very aggressive, and I will never limp in."
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What I learned at the WSOP
"When playing, keep your mouth shut and don't do your opposition any favors."
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Back to the Drawing Board
"If you're against a player who likes to slow play or a player who will bluff you out with a big bet, a small bet gives you the best chance of seeing the turn."
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It's Not Easy Being Green. Or Is It?
"Everyone agreed that one of the best ways to improve your game is to play against better players."
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Texture Isn't Just For Fabric
"If my hand is unlikely to improve, I tend to bet more than 2/3 of the pot. I want to take this pot now."
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Know Your Opponent; Own Your Opponent
"Poker is often not so much about the cards you have, but knowing the way your opponent plays."
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How Bad are the Beats?
"After my bet and the opponent's all in-raise, I was getting pot odds of 3.7 to 1 to call, so the call is clearly correct."
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Third Street in Seven Stud
"You should almost never bring in for a completion in Stud Hi, except in very rare tournament situations."
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Flopping a Monster
"Big hands can mean big pots. But, with a big hand, it's even more important to strategize and figure out how strong your opponent is."
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Our Favorite Poker Books
"Chris Ferguson believes David Sklansky's Hold 'em for the Advanced Player and Theory of Poker are perhaps the two best books out there."
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Holding On To Your Winnings
"One slip-up can spell disaster for a bankroll, and watching six months of hard work disappear in six hours of foolish play is enough to crush anyone's spirits."
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No-limit by the Numbers
"In poker, it's the long run that matters, so he should only call if his probability of winning is greater than 40%."
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Chip Sandwich
"If my raise gets the initial raiser to fold, the meat of the chips will very often be coming my way."
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Sizing Up Your Opening Bet
"Poker is like real estate. The three most important factors in deciding how much to raise are: Location, location, location."
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So You Wanna Go Pro
"Poker is a great game; it's tons of fun, and has never been as potentially profitable as it is today. But try to keep it in perspective."
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Dealer, Leave the Bets in Front of the Players
"The first and most important thing, especially in Omaha/8, is knowing where you're at on every street."
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Not Playing By The Book
"Poker is not a game that is best played by the numbers. Poker is a game of situations."
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Playing Two or More Tables at Once
"...the best way to keep up with the action is to look for hands you can fold automatically."
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How To Win At Tournament Poker, Part 2
"Most people would be better off making no changes at all, rather than the changes that they do make"
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How To Win At Tournament Poker, Part 1
"How much of a difference is there between ring game strategy and tournament strategy? The answer: Not as much as you think."
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