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League Game Registration Directions
Thank you for taking an interest in our poker league. We will help you with anything that you need to get this going. If you are having problems with any of the steps below or a problem with something else keeping you from our league games, please Contact Us and we will try to help. Thanks again and we will see you on the tables...
Step 1: Open Account
The first step in getting ready to play in our poker league is to open a real money account with either Holdem Poker or Poker Room. That process is extremely easy and is not represented here. After you have your account, you will have had to deposited $10 or more to be able to join our games. Follow the steps below when you are ready.
Step 2: Select Tournaments
If you don't have the software started or the Java client going, please start them now. Then click the Tournaments tab at the top right of the home window.
Click the Tournament Tab
Step 3: Select the Private tab
Click the Private Tab
Step 4: Find Our League Game
You will have to scroll down the list of available private games and locate the game titled Flop-Talk's. After you have found the game, click the "Go To Tournament" button.
Click Go To Tournament
Step 5: Click Register
Click Register
Step 6: Click Confirm
Click Confirm
Step 7: Get Ready...
You are now ready for our League Games, we will see you there and good luck...
See you on game day.

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