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The Flop Talk
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Beginner Strategy
Book Smarts vs. Table Smarts
"Just as there is no right way to write a song or paint a picture, there is no right way to play poker."
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How Big a Bankroll?
"If you're nervous about what you stand to lose in a given pot, you're probably playing too high for your bankroll. "
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In Defense of the Call
"A strategic call might keep me from going broke in a hand where I hold a good, but second-best hand."
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Stepping Up, Stepping Down
"Early in my poker career I set a simple rule for myself: I would never move to a higher limit until I won three consecutive sessions. If I lost three consecutive sessions at a given limit, I would move down to a lower limit."
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Our Favorite Poker Books
"Chris Ferguson believes David Sklansky's Hold 'em for the Advanced Player and Theory of Poker are perhaps the two best books out there."
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So You Wanna Go Pro
"Poker is a great game; it's tons of fun, and has never been as potentially profitable as it is today. But try to keep it in perspective."
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Specialize At Your Peril
"Playing the other games will develop skills that will simply make you a better poker player."
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Common Mistakes
"I will very rarely bluff against a "calling station"."
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Should I Stay Or Should I Go
"Usually a losing player is scared to get involved with a winning player, so it's easier for you to pick up pots."
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Keep Your Toolbox Well Stocked
"One essential element of playing winning poker is forcing your opponents to make difficult decisions."
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The Script
"After a careful analysis, if I'm not sure if I should raise and I'm not sure I should fold, I feel confident that calling a bet (or checking) is correct."
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A Way To Approximate The Odds
"Knowing the approximate likelihood of making your hand is a good beginning step on the road to better poker."
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